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Top speakers at FinCity Tokyo’s flagship event- FinCity Global Forum 

The Japanese economy is at a turning point: Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has announced that Japan is aiming to become a leader in wealth management. FinCity.Tokyo therefore aims to increase Tokyo’s attractiveness as a financial market and establish the city as a global financial centre. The Global Forum of the Financial Centre Initiative will take place on 31 January at the same time as the Tokyo Asset Management Forum in order to promote intensive discussions and the growth of the industry.

Fast-tracking Tokyo's development as a global financial city by enhancing investment chains

An inflection point has been reached in the Japanese economy. This inflection point, especially evident in Japan’s monetary and economic policies, is shaping a new reality for Tokyo as an international financial city.

During a speech in New York in September, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced Japan’s ambition to become a global leader in asset management. FinCity.Tokyo has directed its efforts toward enhancing Tokyo’s appeal as a financial market, striving to establish it as a world-class global financial city. A pivotal element of this initiative lies in increasing the sophistication of asset management. The forum will offer an opportunity to revisit and extensively discuss this crucial theme, exploring the significance of the global financial city concept.

This year, the forum will coincide with the “Tokyo Asset Management Forum,” an event aimed at revitalizing the asset management industry, and stimulating the growth of emerging management businesses. The objective for the day is to foster in-depth discussions in the field of asset management, primarily involving financial service providers.


An informative journey through the highlights of the programme with renowned speakers Keiichi Aritomo, Seiji Kihara and Yuriko Koike will start at 06:00 CET. The insights of these experts promise to shed light on Tokyo’s financial landscape and provide perspectives that could influence the future development of global finance.

*Program is subject to change without notice

The FinCity Global Forum 2024 will take place between 6.00 am and 11.30 am German time. To take part in this exciting discussion, read the details and secure your place by registering on theofficial FinCity website.

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